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We work to provide robust and scalable solutions for the mobile, education and IoT analytics markets.

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At Azeem Technologies, we bring you the best solutions and new age applications in the field of education through technology & mobility enhanced with data analytics.

Why choose us?

Most of our team members are ex-teachers who have extensive personal experience in the education sphere in India and abroad. Some of us have conducted research in the universities and companies of India, USA, Italy and Singapore in the areas of mobile computing. Our advisors are professors from India's premier universities like IIT Bombay, University of Mumbai and Singapore Management University. We understand the dynamics of a fertile education environment and we care about improving the lot of teachers and students alike.

We have engaged with different technologies over the last two decades and understand the strengths and limitations of the new breed of technologies such as the wireless and sensor technologies in smartphones, the latent abilitities in Internet of Things (IoT), the power of cloud computing and many others.


We are interested in solving a few pressing problems that besiege teachers and administrators in schools and campuses.

IMTEHAN       इम्तेहान

A self-assessment platform on mobile that enables students to quickly assess their learning and performance. Customized integration with school systems means teachers can see how their class is doing and respond appropriately.

HAZIRI       हाज़िरी

Records the attendance of your students using smartphones and smart cards. Reports to teachers, administrators and even the parents on the attendance record of each student - accurately and quickly.

कहाँ हैं आप?

Movement tracking. Coming soon.


We have set up our benchmark with emerging leaders in the field of education.

Sanpada College of Commerce and Technology is using Imtehan to understand how their students from diverse backgrounds perform and prepare them for university exams accordingly.
Oriental Education Society's International Schools are using Haaziri to keep parents informed about their children's presence on campus.


Android Developer

Skillset: Linux, Java, Android programming
Level: Intermediate to expert
Experience: Any (Freshers are welcome)
Position at: Andheri, Mumbai, India

Backend Developer

Skillset: Linux, PHP, JavaScript, HTML
Level: Intermediate to expert
Experience: Any (Freshers are welcome)
Position at: Andheri, Mumbai, India


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