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Savings & improved efficiency

Going digital means no paper which translates to savings on cost, savings on space and easy copying and transmitting of information.

Going cloud means fewer hassles since there are no computers to configure for installation, no system administrators to train, you get free and continuous software upgrades, your data is automatically backed up and perhaps most important of all it is accessible from anywhere in the world where you have web access.


Modern design

On the web: Works well for all screen sizes - from mobile to desktop. Support for time-tables and reports. See what lectures are happening today and whether attendance was taken. Flexible grouping of students. Send SMS when events happen.
Coming soon - Many new capabilities.

On the app: Support for NFC based smart cards. Teachers see personalized list of lectures.
Coming soon - Get notified when your lecture is coming up.
Currently Android only.

What would it cost you?


For twelve months, you get the latest version of the software

  1 year

  • Custom mobile app
  • Support for your TLD
  • Upto 2000 students
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For thirty-six months, you get the latest version of the software - plus a few perks.

  3 years

  • Custom mobile app, TLD support
  • Upto 4000 students
  • Priority on one feature request
  • One custom report
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For thirty-six months, you get the latest version of the software - plus a lot more.

   3 years

  • Custom mobile app, TLD support
  • Upto 8000 students
  • Priority on three feature requests
  • Three custom reports
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About Us

We are a small group of software engineers who are also ex-teachers. We have taught in schools and colleges, in India and abroad and in subjects as varied as high school physics to analog integrated circuits. Our director Azeem Javed Iqbal Khan has a PhD from IIT Bombay. All of us have qualifications beyond a bachelor's degree.

We are supported by our mentors and advisors who are themselves professors (active and retired), from India (IIT Bombay, University of Mumbai) and Singapore (Singapore Management University) and even one former professor who now does research for the US government.

From the beginning our goal has been to ease the task of the teachers and the administrators so that they focus and continue on teaching. This is the driving motivation in the design of our software.

Haziri came about as a request from the principal of a school to keep parents engaged about their wards' physical presence in school. We started with a simple requirement: inform the parent of the student (via SMS) when their ward entered the school and when s/he left. After a few initial hiccups, everything has been running great for nearly 2 years now.

However, we (having been teachers before) felt great sympathy towards teachers who continue to take attendance manually and spend dozens of hours computing statistics of the students' attendance every semester. So Haziri evolved to support lecture based attendance recording in colleges. It has become robust after being tested in the field and we have several hundred automated tests in our code-base to keep our quality high.


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